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Maybe later..............that's later .

SO whats been happening in life of the Millsy one. Well one of the Millsy ones. Honestly uni, work and a fuck tonne of opportunities.

SO in the past month things have been a bit crazy. I released my first actual game "Block Blast". Its sold 62 units and then it stopped, nothing for 2 weeks, but at least it sold some. I am thinking of doing an update and making it free for 2 weeks to get the numbers up. This might seem a bit stupid and unfair to the people that have already bought it, but i need to get some more sales on the damn thing.

Work with smiths is starting to loose a bit of luster, its just way to simple and repetitive. It have taken almost 6 months for that to occur but with uni and everything it is starting to feel like a chore. Which is suppose as work it is supposed to be a chore. But you know what i mean.

Opportunities keep coming fast and furious, One UTS might want me to do run two short courses, the first would be on iPhone programming and the other would be about rapid prototype development. I've only done a document for a proposal but if it goes through it could be a weeks work for a few grand. O.o amazing. I am so stoked but kind of worried that i might end up doing so much i stuff up all my studies which i really don't want to do.

Other than that I've also applied to IBM and Qantas for graduate courses. these would start at the beginning of next year but if things go ahead with uni and TAFE i might be so busy that i could not do it all, I kind of hope i get into that situation but then i also would be worried that i would make the wrong choice.

I just want to make games......is that so much to ask...........it might be below what the world has in store for me and that is truly scary.

more to come.......later
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Getting the ball rolling

So This is the start if my computer game career.

In case I haven't seen you in a while I thought I would tell you what's been happening with making games.

Last month I bought an apple iPad and I'm loving it. I decided to use this as a platform to get my own company of the ground. So i've just bought a new apple Mac Mini so that I can do some coding for the iPad.

To become a registered iPad developer I also had to have a business name that I was registered under. So I spoke with the Australian tax office and got myself and ABN and registered a company name.

So keep an eye out for games by "Kubbob Games"! It's going to be huge :)


Writer's Block: Take me as I am

Would you be upset if a long-term partner confessed that s/he'd committed a serious crime before you met? How do you think it would affect your relationship?

Well it raises a question of trust more than anything else. Why did it take so long for them to tell you? if they are ashamed of what they did then that means that they couldn't stand to have you see them in a bad light. If however they did tell because they where afraid of how you would react but they are not ashamed of what they did, then that means they where lying to you for some reason. The problem then arises of what to do with this information. If the crime is still unsolved then keeping the secret means you are enabling them to get away with the crime, but if the person has already paid some compensation for the crime then it can be left alone. It all really comes down to the motive of the person keeping this information from you. Someone who cares about you should tell you everything, but then again they may be so amazed to have someone like you that they believe if they tell you it would end the relationship. After all this musing it is a very difficult problem to solve. All in All if the person is willing to confess these crimes to you it more than anything means that they are able to trust you enough to let you know one of the darkest sections of their life and they need your support. Confession is better than denial.

Its not all bad

WEll the weekend was AWESOME. Had a great lan with about 10 people and kick up the games hardcore.

Its was excatly what I needed and wanted it to be. SO Chuffed.

So that makes this all the harder to say. I think it might be time to stop playing games for a while.....or buying new ones at least. Right now I feel I have enough games to keep me entertainted for the next 6 months. Which from a student point of view it is a good thing to be giving up games. I don't have the money or the time anymore to do what I love but if uni goes well I will be making what I love for the rest of my days. So one small sacrific for the rest of my days doesn't seem to bad.

No more games for a while. ...........................................................................................................................................................................I'll be lucky to last a week :P
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Uni STuff

So last week I started UTS( university of Technonlogy Sydney) and the noraml things happened. I freaked out because the course was way over my head. They fucked up my course information text books and time tables. The hours are pretty lousy. The books are frigging ridiculusly expensive, $500plus for 4 damn books. RAGHHHHHAAA

But now its the second week and the shock has warn off. I'm cool collected and in control. I got my frist assignement last week and it seemed so daunthing and crap but I've read my text books I've found another textbook in the library and now its all zen. I feel confident that I'm going to not only pass but do quite well. WEll heres hoping ;)

I hope this course goes well on my way to becoming a games designer, and I hope I'm not wasting my time as some of the stuff we have looked at we covered in the first term of TAFE. But so far it seems to be moving at a pace I can keep up with if I don't do stupid things like play wow or go out drinking all night. I'm quietly confident that I will get through this, maybe not with distinctions but with a pass at least and thats all I really need to get one step closer to my dreams.

So Look out UTS I'm coming to get you and your degree you've been holding for me.
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Not Working

WEll now with TAFE over and my prospects of getting into the game industry this year dashed I was a bit unsure what to do with myself. I have taken to improving my 3D art work and making some new models.

Most of these I'll be placing on DeviantArt.com my user name is Gypocalypse if you want to look for any of my work. I've only got 12 things up so far, but with 6 months of nothing but programming I needed a break to something more imaginative.

So the plan is now looking like going to UNI next year and getting a degree as well as my Diploma. I really don't want to do this but with the games industry in the state that it is getting the degree seems to be the only option.

Also I recently got my own webpage up and running, its nothing amazing but its mine :D if you can to take a look its here
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I'm so bleha today. I work up and I"m all fleuy and crappy.

so I'm staying in bed. I hate feeling like this fucking colds suck. I think it was the party Iwent to to this weekend.

me = blah
bed = warm
warm = good.
me + bed = warm but blah

omg my math sucks.
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StarCraft2 will have no LAN

This is so evil and money grubbing. Blizzard have confirmed that StarCraft 2 will have no lan support included. They are expecting everyone to only connect through battlenet in order to play multiplayer.

The first problem with this is for LAN parties, I sometimes have 10+ people at one house all playing Warcraft3. The only reason that it works is that we play through LAN rather than battle net. If we tried to connect everyone through battlenet the lag would be so bad that no one could play at all. So I":ve signed a petition and I hope you guys will too. And tell you friends to sign up as well. Blizzard need to hear our cries of outrage!

here is the link

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