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Writer's Block: Take me as I am

Would you be upset if a long-term partner confessed that s/he'd committed a serious crime before you met? How do you think it would affect your relationship?

Well it raises a question of trust more than anything else. Why did it take so long for them to tell you? if they are ashamed of what they did then that means that they couldn't stand to have you see them in a bad light. If however they did tell because they where afraid of how you would react but they are not ashamed of what they did, then that means they where lying to you for some reason. The problem then arises of what to do with this information. If the crime is still unsolved then keeping the secret means you are enabling them to get away with the crime, but if the person has already paid some compensation for the crime then it can be left alone. It all really comes down to the motive of the person keeping this information from you. Someone who cares about you should tell you everything, but then again they may be so amazed to have someone like you that they believe if they tell you it would end the relationship. After all this musing it is a very difficult problem to solve. All in All if the person is willing to confess these crimes to you it more than anything means that they are able to trust you enough to let you know one of the darkest sections of their life and they need your support. Confession is better than denial.
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