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Maybe later..............that's later .

SO whats been happening in life of the Millsy one. Well one of the Millsy ones. Honestly uni, work and a fuck tonne of opportunities.

SO in the past month things have been a bit crazy. I released my first actual game "Block Blast". Its sold 62 units and then it stopped, nothing for 2 weeks, but at least it sold some. I am thinking of doing an update and making it free for 2 weeks to get the numbers up. This might seem a bit stupid and unfair to the people that have already bought it, but i need to get some more sales on the damn thing.

Work with smiths is starting to loose a bit of luster, its just way to simple and repetitive. It have taken almost 6 months for that to occur but with uni and everything it is starting to feel like a chore. Which is suppose as work it is supposed to be a chore. But you know what i mean.

Opportunities keep coming fast and furious, One UTS might want me to do run two short courses, the first would be on iPhone programming and the other would be about rapid prototype development. I've only done a document for a proposal but if it goes through it could be a weeks work for a few grand. O.o amazing. I am so stoked but kind of worried that i might end up doing so much i stuff up all my studies which i really don't want to do.

Other than that I've also applied to IBM and Qantas for graduate courses. these would start at the beginning of next year but if things go ahead with uni and TAFE i might be so busy that i could not do it all, I kind of hope i get into that situation but then i also would be worried that i would make the wrong choice.

I just want to make that so much to might be below what the world has in store for me and that is truly scary.

more to come.......later

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